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Funeral plans, time to save money

Funeral Plans

A lot of people go cold at the thought of making their own funeral plans. At our offices we try hard to make this as easy a process as possible. Frequently we have great bursts of laughter when the family relax. It has to be said, some people actually enjoy making sure what they want to happen will actually happen!

If you want Toccata & Fugue or Bat out of Hell playing, if you want a yellow coffin or one with pictures of cats, if you want people to remember what you did with your life rather than think about the fact that you have died, you have to tell us and we will include this in your funeral plans.

There is so much to say about funeral plans that this page will never do it all justice.

If you are unsure, come in for an informal chat over a cup of coffee and we will try to put more detail in front of you. And whilst we are Funeral Directors, we don’t bite.

Now for the boring bit

If you take out a plan it will help ease the worry about funeral costs.Payments into a scheme can be spread over a number of months or can be paid for with a one off instalment or even paid monthly until you die.

Golden Charter, whose plans we will recommend to you, provide a wide and range of pre-paid schemes.

Golden Charter funeral plans agent

Because this is such a critical part of our service to you, I have now employed a dedicated Funeral Planning Consultant. He is Andy Beckwith and you can call him on 01622 920301 or 07984 857008.

A real life experience

To explain how critical this is, I have included a recent situation. I recently had a lady send me details of her funeral plans. She kindly called me to say she had added my name to the plan. Actually she had crossed out the name of another funeral director and hand written my name on top. When I called her she was very pleased with herself for having followed my instructions, and bought herself a funeral plan. She wasn’t so happy when I told her she had taken the plan with a competitor company, and I couldn’t now perform her funeral when it was time to do so. There is a lot more to this story…..

If we have provided a good service to you recently, or even not so recently, call us to arrange your funeral plan if this is something you are even considering. A funeral in 2016 might be around £3500, in ten years that will be £7000! We need to help you save considerable amounts of money. Please call Andy directly. Don’t hang around.

sign your funeral plans with us

If you click the following link you will be taken to Golden Charter’s website and there you will find a wealth of information. Once you have seen this, call us and we will arrange the next step for you. Golden Charter