About us

Serious bit!

Let me start by saying that I am a second generation funeral director with over 40 years experience in providing funeral services. I am a qualified funeral director with the NAFD.

My very helpful staff and I, supply the funeral service you require, with dignity professionalism and care.

We are proud to be members of the National Association of Funeral Directors, as are other funeral directors that I own. I believe this is the only way to adequately protect the family from unscrupulous practices. We are also the only independent funeral service in Gravesend that has gained N.A.F.D membership. This means that we have to follow a Code of Practice created with the OFT. We have recently had our second unannounced inspection and the new Membership Certificate is on its way from NAFD head office.

Thats the boring bit over!

The intention is that should you wish to, this office will actively encourage you to take part in the funeral arrangements and service.

Serious savings will be available, and you will be supported if you decide to take advantage of them. For example if you want your family to carry the coffin, we wont charge you for the bearers. And if you want to take your relative on their final journey in the family estate car, excellent. No other funeral director will encourage you to do this. But we will.

The services you ask us to provide will be top quality, and the part or parts that you and the family do, will not be charged for. This could give you and the family the chance to have a really fitting tribute, and halve the cost at the same time.

We have all the equipment you could need, for example coffin trestles, wheeled bier, various flags for the coffin and you can borrow any or all of it without charge. I would probably draw the line at my nice shiny hearse and limousines!

We will still make the arrangements you ask of us. We will still provide a coffin, unless you buy your own elsewhere. We will still come to the funeral if you want, and guide you. Or we will provide the full services of a funeral director and bearers, and fill your road with black shiny hearse and limousines.

You might want our white or silver hearse, or even pink, and finally the horses!

The choice will be all yours, and it will be very easy to keep track of the costs.