Straight Talking

Ok, let’s cut through everything. If you are reading this page you either have a funeral to arrange right now, or are expecting to have to very shortly.

You don’t know what to do first. Register, ring the Vicar, and where can you get a pink hearse.

Hold on. Hold on.

Ring me now, and we can very quickly put the date together so that you can let everyone know when it is so they can make their plans to get there. Ring me as soon as you can, and within half an hour or so we can have most of it sorted. In some cases I can even book the time with the crematorium! Oh, and yes I can get you a pink hearse, or a white one, or one attached to a motorbike or a horse!

The local Clergy and Life Celebrants, are all very helpful regarding what is included in the service. Its easy for me to give you lots of ideas to make the service fitting for the person. Try NOT to have the same as everyone else. Make it different.

Then, perhaps later the same day we can meet to go through things in detail. Speak to you soon.

Oh yes one last thing, don’t let a Funeral Director pick you up in the same vehicle they use to remove a deceased person. Its very bad practice and you might be surprised how many do it!

Eventually, we will send you an invoice. It will be the same as the estimate, unless something has changed. If it helps, you can use the following to make payments.