We have a fleet of Volvo hearse and limousine, Of which we are very proud, and are finished in black coachwork. Completed with six doors, seatbelts, air-conditioning and consecutive number plates.
Here we are at the local Crematorium, overlooking St Mary the Virgin Church in Chalk, Gravesend.

OK. please remember that some people like to do their own thing, shall we say. So the motorbike hearse would appeal to some and not others. Horses for courses, and yes we do have them too!



Having said that we can supply a motorbike hearse, eventually we would have to do it. Very fortunately for me, Colin was in the office when the family came in to arrange this funeral! Colin later told me that they are a really great family, going through a really tough time. But still, they wanted a motorbike hearse because he was a motorbike enthusiast. And of course Colin said yes. (not really understanding that he would eventually have to ride on it!) And here it is outside the office.

Having said all that Colin did look rather good sitting on the bike outside the office. He was murmuring “mmm comfortable, bet it goes well, wonder if I could…”

It looked rather like he had thoughts of driving it away there and then.

Of course the owner, Rob, was quickly on the scene to drag him off!

The last thing Colin was heard muttering inside the crash helmet as the Rob the driver revved the engine was “I don’t remember signing up for this…..just a bit of office cover you said……”

Look pal, I’m the boss and if I say on yer bike……

The widow of the gentleman concerned was asked for her agreement to post these photos here. I am awaiting her response. They will be removed if she is even slightly unhappy with them.

The colour scheme looks very smart and is actually a very traditional style. We can use all black vehicles if you wish.

We also have available the Volvo 960 hearse, all black, with matching limousines.
The matching limousines are all black with leather interior and all seat belted.



We can also get a pink hearse if you are really er, mad, or you really like pink!

Now this is not every ones idea of the perfect vehicle, but if the cap fits……

This is quite an old Daimler DS420, which to be honest, are not in demand these days. With the exception of this one. This is the only pink hearse in the country that I know of, and it is based in London where it is very busy. I have used it in 2010, and it was quite something, it really is an amazing colour. There is no matching limousine yet (2012).

And for those who like the idea of something other than black, or pink, there are the following.

White, OK if the weather is good,�but they look dirty very quickly if the weather is not good.

Silver, is a very smart colour, and very popular too.

Again these are quite old vehicles, and not greatly sought after these days. Except if you want a different colour. I have to admit to a long love affair with these old monsters. I cut my teeth driving one of these when the family used to have them. Lovely to drive, great to ride in on the back seat (occasional seats for the others) but hateful to wash because they are as big as a small lorry!

Horse drawn hearse

To be honest, this is a very peaceful way to travel. But not too far, and pray for dry weather! I did ask this family if I could take the pictures, which they kindly agreed to. With the proviso that they were not in them. There were quite a lot of them, and they did move around a lot. The horses were excellent, and sat there until the family had moved on. The setting here is Maidstone Cemetery.

Pete has been doing this work for many years, and I like the way he does things. There are others around but this needs to be a professional experienced company. Not someone who just takes it up for fun!

I am trying to get the co-operation of a company that supply London buses to various events, to have one that we could use. Imagine everyone going together to the funeral! It could be very intimate with just the family, or more “celebratory” with lots of people invited, and remember they seat around 50 people too. I will add more when I find one that says yes.

Struggling to find one in the south of England. If you know of one, please let me know.

The family estate car. No! Well actually YES! And why not. You have had it a while. Used it on many happy occasions, holidays even, trips to the coast. Well this is the perfect opportunity to use it for a very special journey. Don’t panic, we will help you do this and dare I say “enjoy” this final journey together.

This family did kindly allow us to take these pictures. As you can see “we” are all in lounge suits and yellow ties. Very good. And very well done to this family, who had the courage of their convictions and carried this off perfectly.