Medway Crematorium

These are the views that everyone will have had at Medway Crematorium. Mind you when you are there for real, you sometimes don’t get the chance to see it properly.

There are two Chapels, and they are a mirror image of each other, except that other one is blue where this one is pink.

Here, and in the following pictures, you can have a proper look. For example you will notice the seats are very comfortable, and are in rows of five. So when you come to the front to be seated, only five can sit together in the front row. You can use both sides if it is important that several people sit at the front.


This shows the curtains, but remember that they do not need to close if you don’t want them to. And the coffin will definitely NOT move until you, and everyone else has left the Chapel. There are two lecterns here, but these days only one is used.

This picture gives an excellent view of the Chapel looking back towards the doors. You can clearly see that it does not seat very many mourners. If you are expecting more than 50 people, this could be a problem. In the summer people stand outside with the doors open, but in the winter, with rain and possibly snow blowing around, this is not a great way to celebrate a life!

You can see where the organist perches in this picture, though normally you would never see him or her.

Here you can see that the windows are beautiful and let in loads of light, but nobody can see in, so you are very private. The hymn and prayer books are in the back of the chair in front.

Pictures courtesy of Craig, and with the kind permission of the Management at Medway Crematorium.