Cheap funerals in Kent

Hello, firstly let me say I hate the heading for this page.

Cheap funerals in Kent. It sounds so awful! But we do provide a dignified and cheap funeral here at Abacus.

I truly hate the expression, however people who google “cheap funerals in Kent”, aren’t getting the best deal because I wasn’t using this page in my website.

So now, I’ve turned the page on, and hopefully anyone looking for a cheaper priced funeral in Kent will now find us. Because we do actually provide the cheapest funerals in Kent.

And they are provided by a Member of the National Association of Funeral Directors.

We are offering to provide you with a simple funeral to a local crematorium, cemetery or churchyard. (10 miles from our Gravesend office)

We will provide a coffin.

We will provide the hearse, driver, bearers and Funeral Director.

We will make all the necessary arrangements.

We will collect the deceased during normal working hours from a distance of 10 miles from the office in Gravesend.

We will provide this for £500.00

The only additional items you will pay for are the crematorium, cemetery or church fees. Sometimes the doctors fees, if the funeral will be a cremation. The Minister. And thats about it. Call us for a no obligation discussion and detailed quote to suit your exact requirements.

Cheapest funerals in Kent

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