We have started to provide funerals to families in and around the Gravesend area. One family came from Dulwich, because we offered the type of flexible service they wanted. The other families are locals, who also wanted to take control of what happened. Some wanted to provide their own coffin, which we encourage. Some wanted to use their own vehicle, no problem either. Its been wonderful to help these families get what they wanted. It is also wonderful when they send a letter or card of thanks too. So here they are.

Colin and Sarah recently helped this lovely family, both Sarah and Colin have said what a lovely family they were to assist. And here is the lovely letter they sent into the office. Thank you.

Colin recently helped this family. He said they were a real privilege to help because they knew what they wanted from the moment they walked in the door. From reading their comment Colin, I think they were very happy with your help. Well done!




Gravesend 01 12


Another family that Tamsin helped with recently, sent the following card. Tamsin was very pleased with it and called me to add it to the website as soon as possible. Its take about two weeks, so pretty good for me.

TL 28 May 2013

This first one was from a family we helped recently, and they knew just what they wanted, and they got it without any question.

Abacus 050613

Then this family sent a box of chocolates with this card, which seems to have gone missing in the office. Tamsin is sure she left it there, but I just can’t find it. Hmmmm… Mind you, her Mother pops in from time to time. Lovely lady, very proper. She wouldn’t come in to see where her daughter was going to work until everything was finished! I do know she has a sweet tooth, so maybe that’s where they went.

Abacus 040613